(KTXL) — As snow continues to fall and accumulate at the numerous ski resorts in the Sierra, Palisades Tahoe announced on Tuesday that they have set a new record for the snowiest season.

Since the beginning of the year, the Sierra has been almost constantly under the impact of countless winter storms that have dropped hundreds of inches of snow.

Palisades said they have measured 710 inches of total fall this season, breaking the 2016/17 record.

With this record-setting snowfall, the ski resort announced they will be extending their ski and snowboarding season to the Fourth of July.

On March 29, the Sierra Snow Lab, near Soda Springs, measured 713 inches of total snowfall, making it the second most snowfall since the snow lab began making measurements in 1946.

Temperatures are expected to warm up going into Thursday throughout Northern California though.

The National Weather Service is expecting to see temperatures creep into the 80s in the valley and foothills on Friday before Saturday brings low to mid-80s in the valley and foothills.