(KTXL) — Palisades Tahoe announced on Friday that for the 2023-24 skiing and snowboarding season they will be implementing an all new parking system to address traffic impacts that were seen this year.

“The primary objective is to minimize arrival and departure traffic impacts on guests, employees, and the local community,” the ski resort said in a news release. “While acknowledging the complexity of this longstanding issue, Palisades Tahoe remains committed to easing the situation for everyone involved.”

Palisades is planning to offer a mix of free and reserve-in-advance paid parking for all guests during weeks starting mid-December and running through March or April, depending on demand.

The implementation of the program will be adjusted if lower demand is seen during typical peak days.

There are also plans to increase options for alternative transport to the ski resort as a way to reduce the need for parking reservations and paid parking.

“We understand the concerns and inconveniences caused by traffic impacts, and we are committed to finding effective solutions,” said Dee Byrne, Chief Operating Officer. “While we may not have all the answers at this time, we want to keep our guests and community informed of our efforts. Please stay tuned for more details as we continue to finalize the plans.”