Land Park Neighbors Reporting Rise in Break-Ins

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LAND PARK — Neighbors in Sacramento’s Land Park neighborhood say there’s been an increase in the number of thieves breaking into their cars overnight.

As many as 16 cars were hit since Sunday night.

Orv Johnson has been living on Euclid Avenue in Land Park since 1960.

The other night Johnson’s motion alarm went off. His motion sensor lights had also been tripped, so he went outside to check it out.

“Like a dummy, I came out in the yard and I have motion light on my porch and that came on. They ran and got in their car and drove off,” Johnson told FOX40.

His neighbor’s surveillance cameras captured the two suspects breaking into his truck.

“What they did is went around, broke the rear window of the pickup and stole his tools. About $3,000 worth of tools he took out of there,” Johnson said.

“I don’t know how long it’s been going on but the last few months it’s been really bad and cars, particularly at night, are getting broken into,” said Patti Watters, who has lived in Land Park for 30 years.

Watters said many of her neighbors have been complaining about other thefts.

“The Nextdoor app that I just got onto about a month or two ago and I’m seeing every day this car break-ins, and attempted break-ins into homes as well,” she said.

That has her remaining more vigilant.

“I’m always looking out the windows if I’m up at night, just to see,” Watters said.

As for the two people captured on the surveillance cameras, they were later seen jumping into a silver 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport.

Watters and others hope someone identifies them.

“I would encourage anybody that recognizes them to give the police a call for sure,” she said.

Johnson recommended his neighbors also install motion alarms on their property.

Police are warning people to not leave valuables in your car overnight. With the warm weather, be careful not to leave your windows open all night.


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