Land Park Residents Concerned about Homeless Population in the Neighborhood

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SACRAMENTO -- Residents in Land Park are concerned about the growing homeless population along Capital City Freeway that borders the iconic Sacramento neighborhood.

Residents say that homeless drug users can be found in the public restrooms of businesses, and they roam the streets at night breaking into homes and cars.

Crime numbers remain static in the neighborhood, but residents say those numbers don't reflect reality. Residents say some crimes aren’t reported because of the state's catch and release policy for property stolen with a value of less than $950.

It also doesn’t account for incidents of needles found in yards and other areas. All of this makes residents more uncomfortable than three or four years ago.

"People don't feel safe," Stephanie Duncan, the former president of the Land Park Community Association, told FOX40.

Property value in Land Park remains high even with the homeless presence in the park that gives the neighborhood its name. Those who live further from Broadway, where the homeless are present in large numbers, say their day-to-day activities aren't affected.

Still, the growing number of homeless coupled with illegal drug use is a problem that has no immediate solution.


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