Stolen Inflatable Chicken Named ‘Princess Layer’ Returned to Granite Bay Store

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UPDATE: Douglas Feed & Pet Supply says the chicken was returned overnight.

GRANITE BAY — Sometime between last Wednesday night and Thursday morning, a giant, blow-up chicken was deflated on the ground in front of a Granite Bay tack, pet and feed operation.

“She does have a big blower that’s attached to her and all of that cord was taken and then all of the tie downs were cut,” said Deedee Lyman, whose family owns and operates Douglas Feed & Pet Supply.

The cleverly named chicken known as Princess Layer was custom ordered from China.

It would have taken some planning to haul off all 150 pounds of what normally sits proudly at 25 feet tall.

“‘Chicken-gate 2019.’ I saw it on Facebook and I was really upset,” said resident Margaret Andrews.

This spring season the chicken had only been up for about 30 days before she disappeared.

“Everyone’s on the lookout. As it is becoming near graduation season, we’ve come to understand that pranks can be pulled,” Lyman said.

However, it’s unknown if this was the result of high school shenanigans or bird-brained professional bandits. As for now, the $3,500 chicken is gone just the same.

“It’s not right to take things from nice people and these are really nice people,” one customer said. “They help the community a lot and they’re always very friendly, and it’s just not fair.”


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