Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Responds to MGM Settlement

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SACRAMENTO — Lisa Fine is among those who survived the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, when a gunman opened fire into an outdoor concert on Oct. 1, 2017, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds.

“Having nightmares and reliving what happened that night, every day and every night, it’s too much for any human to handle,” Fine told FOX40.

Two years later, the thousands of victims of the Las Vegas massacre, including Fine, have reached a settlement with MGM Resorts International, which is expected to pay up to $800 million to all those affected by the shooting.

“Many of our heart and souls want to have closure on this and I don’t know if that’s ever possible,” Fine said. “But to have them reach a settlement is one step towards at least some something positive happening for many lives that have been left completely destroyed.”

While bullets rained down on the fleeing crowd, Fine captured terrifying moments on her cell phone, scenes that have played in her head countless times in the past two years.

“To hear people being shot, to crawl through their blood, to hear the screams and just looking at everybody’s eyes. And you’re looking at each other like, ‘We’re dying tonight.’ There’s nothing like that ever,” she said.

It’s the reason why Fine said she struggled with severe and horrific nightmares on a nightly basis.

“I felt like I should feel, at least, safe now but I don’t feel safe at all. It’s hard to be in public places,” Fine said. “I put a smile on my face I act like everything’s OK but inside I was struggling a lot.”

It’s a continuing struggle that has brought her to Monterey where she will be participating in a program to help victims of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Following the shooting, Fine created Route91Strong, a nonprofit that works to help victims who have lived through traumatic ordeals.

“What better way to avoid your own pain than to help other people,” she said.

She plans to continue that help and appreciate each day that her life was spared.

“I plan on coming out of this and taking every bit of my heart and giving back,” Fine said.


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