Lawmakers Only: A ‘Secret’ DMV Upsets Some General Public Patrons as it’s Only for Legislators

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SACRAMENTO -- Waiting hours and hours in line at the DMV is the new normal for people across California. However, lawmakers aren’t subjected to those same wait times.

Lawmakers have their own private DMV — where they can renew their license, get a new I.D. and do pretty much anything the general public can do at the DMV-- just without the wait.

And the Department says it’s been around for decades.

As time ticks away at the DMV, some customers become restless.

“I waited three and a half hours,” said Britney Clendenin, DMV customer.

And all customers can do — is wait.

“It’s just irritating to think about how long I have wasted here now,” Clendenin expressed.

But California lawmakers don’t have to wait in the same lines because there’s a private DMV that is only open to members of the legislature.

“They have to wait just like the rest of us. That’s not fair. Who approved that,” questioned Clendenin.

The office is located inside of this legislative building on N Street.

It’s not listed on the directory nor is it marked.

When asked for more information, a staffer said, “we have to direct all of our questions to the Office of Public Affairs.”

The DMV declined an on-camera interview but sent this statement:

“The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has an office located within the Legislative Office Building that serves as a primary point of contact for more than 10,000 constituent services, questions and concerns sent to Legislative offices.

Approximately ninety percent of the work performed by the two-person DMV staff is related to assisting customers who have contacted their state representatives to resolve DMV issues. In addition to the services provided to constituents, this office offers in-person services by appointment only to the state Legislature.”

Confirming that yes, the office is only open to lawmakers but, most of its work has to do with addressing the public's concerns.

Still, some DMV customers were not happy.

“They ain’t no better than us. you know? Come on now,” said Ruben Gomez, DMV customer.

Maria Telles, another DMV patron said “why aren’t they subjected to come wait in line just as we are? Because they have legislator jobs? That’s annoying.”

Again, the DMV says this office has been around for many years but its primary function is helping address concerns from the public.


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