SOLANO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — A lawsuit filed in Solano County accuses a Vacaville dentist of rubbing his penis on a woman who was undergoing a procedure.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff went to Northern California Facial and Oral Surgery for a tooth and bridge removal around June 17. The lawsuit states the woman was put on a surgical bed and the dentist, identified as David Evans Webb, was to her right and an assistant was to her left. 

Webb allegedly began rubbing his erect penis against the defendant’s arm before putting a gas mask on her. They started to run gas into the mask, but the lawsuit says the woman refused, saying “no” to the gas. 

However, Webb allegedly told the assistant to continue to run the gas. Throughout the 45-minute procedure, the lawsuit says Webb rubbed himself against the defendant’s arm at least four times. During those times, the defendant tried to move away, but Webb allegedly held her arm down. 

The lawsuit accuses Webb of turning the defendant’s arm at one point in order to place his penis on her palm. According to the lawsuit, he rubbed himself against her palm while she was “crying in fear.” 

He then allegedly, in response, said, “What’s wrong with you, you have gas and novocaine.” 

Afterward, she reportedly learned that other women had similar experiences or felt wary of Webb. The lawsuit cites a Yelp review in which a woman details her experience during a consultation on Feb. 25, 2022. 

According to the lawsuit, the review said Webb made inappropriate comments during a 15-minute consultation. 

“He ‘recommended’ I get the underside of my tongue clipped (at 38 that has never been brought up by any previous dentist) then told me my husband would really appreciate it as he was leaning me back in the chair to do the exam, he also said that it seems like he’s looking down my shirt but he wasn’t,” the lawsuit says, citing the review.

The woman who wrote the review is then cited saying she “would not want to be sedated in a room alone” with Webb. 

Two of the basis of the lawsuit are negligence and negligent hiring and supervision, as it’s claimed that Webb’s employers should have been aware of the alleged conduct. It accuses the business of not only failing to train Webb about his ”manner of treatment” but failing to supervise staff and train them to report misconduct. 

Several other points are listed, such as not properly investigating and monitoring Webb.

The last cause of action listed in the lawsuit is gender violence.

“Defendant WEBB committed a forceful criminal act against Plaintiff based on her gender. Specifically, Defendant WEBB committed a physical intrusion or physical invasion of a sexual nature against Plaintiff under coercive conditions,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit was filed on July 21, and it requests a jury trial for the civil suit.