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Some of the details in this story may be disturbing to some readers.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A woman who wishes to remain anonymous is suing Methodist Hospital of Sacramento after she was told by staff that she was “hallucinating” being sexually assaulted by a former male nurse in 2016. 

In December of 2016, attorney John Taylor’s client, known as “Jane Doe,” suffered a traumatic experience: a pulmonary embolism at 41 years old. 

“She was unable to speak or to move any portion of her body,” Taylor told FOX40. “She was unable to breathe on her own.” 

But the events that followed in the weeks she stayed in the intensive care unit at Methodist Hospital were even more traumatizing, according to Doe. She alleges her night nurse, Gregory Allen Harms, sexually assaulted her on numerous occasions. 

“Those types of reporting devices, medical reporting devices, were either not being watched or ignored, so that he felt comfortable enough to go in there — repeatedly — and be able to rape her without any fear of being caught,” Taylor said. 

After regaining her speech in January 2017, she reported the abuse to hospital staff. 

Staff told police she was heavily medicated and her poor condition would’ve caused her to imagine the assault, leading investigators to close her case. 

“She was told by the hospital that, ‘This didn’t happen to you. You’re hallucinating,’” Taylor said. 

But two years later on Nov. 8, Doe’s alleged abuser was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on three sexual assault-related charges after two other women came forward. 

One case dated back to 2011 at another medical facility. 

“There were multiple other victims who at various medical facilities, who this man preyed upon,” Taylor said. “She’d like questions answered as to what was the protocols or the rules to be followed regarding, one, the hiring of the person. The supervision, what were the rules of supervision for ICU employees and for ICU patients?” 

The lawsuit also pushes for Harms, who remains in jail with no bond and two additional charges, to be charged in her assault. 

According to jail and court records, Harms originally faced three felony charges: anal or genital penetration with the use of an anesthetic or intoxicant to prevent resistance, assault with intent to commit rape, sodomy or oral copulation, and penetration by foreign object by means of force or fear.

Another two charges have since been filed: posses/control obscene matter depicting person under 18 and a rape-related charge. 

FOX40 reached out to the hospital for comment and received a statement from a representative: 

Dignity Health’s top priority is the care and safety of our patients, and we take these allegations very seriously. We are aware that a lawsuit has been filed, but cannot discuss any matters related to pending litigation.