September 24 2021 03:30 pm

Leak-Free Sacramento helping homeowners make water repairs for free

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Drought conditions mean authorities are looking especially hard for water inefficiencies, like leaks.

But, for some homeowners, fixing leaks is not a matter of carelessness. It’s a matter of cost.

Leak-Free Sacramento is helping the community conserve water while also helping people with the repair costs. 

FOX40 joined the program leader on one of their projects last week.

In this case, the homeowner got a letter from the city saying they noticed unusually high water usage and that there might be a leak. It turned out the leak was releasing 160 gallons of water an hour. 

Program leader Lance Eicher, a water conservation specialist for the city of Sacramento, estimated the necessary repairs would cost the homeowner around $10,000 if he were paying out of pocket. But, the homeowner qualified for the Leak-Free Sacramento program, and all the costs were covered. 

Before launching this program, Eicher said, they would often have heartbreaking conversations with residents who couldn’t fix the leaks and had nowhere to turn.

“Often what we find is a lot of long-standing leaks, and residents that were getting notice after notice because they just didn’t have the means to fix these,” Eicher explained. “A lot of these can be extremely expensive. They’re very involved. You have to go through a permitting process; it’s very intimidating for a lot of homeowners as well.”

Right now, the city’s program is fairly small in scale, and there is a waitlist, but Eicher said that’s not a funding issue, it’s mostly a labor issue. They are looking to bring on more contractors to work with the city and get the jobs done.

Eligibility for this free service works in two ways. Certain addresses automatically qualify, and people who receive utility assistance, regardless of where in Sacramento they live, also qualify.

For more information on the Leak-Free Sacramento program, click or tap here.

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