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POLLOCK PINES, Calif. (KTXL) — The powder piling up in Pollock Pines is a beautiful sight.

“A few weeks ago it was like 70 up here, and now we’re getting snow,” resident Kurt Thompson told FOX40.

But the blanket white frost can’t cover the memory of what happened to the community four months ago.

“It was devastating when we had to be evacuated because of the fires, you know, everything so dry,” recalled Cinder Bingaman, a cashier for Sly Park Liquor.

Nathan Rasbold’s parents lost their Grizzly Flats home in the Caldor Fire.

“Man, the fire was coming. Shortly after, 12 hours later, it was gone, everything was gone,” Rasbold recalled.

With the fire fresh in their minds, the community members FOX40 spoke with Wednesday are embracing the dramatic change of seasons.

“I’m happy to see California getting some precipitation again,” Rasbold said.

“Yeah, when you almost get burned out of your town, let it snow,” Bingaman said.

The October rainstorm helped put a damper on fire season, but it raised concerns about mudslides.

The locals are much happier to see snow at the 4,000-foot elevation.

“It was starting to really get scary because I didn’t think we’d have a winter. And then boom,” Bingaman said.

To some, the weather’s timing is simply perfect.

“Especially for a five-year-old, it’s pretty magical,” said one local parent.

“Tomorrow’s my birthday,” his daughter added. 

“And it’s snowing right before her birthday. And then you know, it’s nice to have a white Christmas,” the parent said.

For the residents in the community who’ve had enough winters under their boots on the west slope of the Sierra, they said they feel like they’re about to have a drought-buster of a season.

“Yeah, I think we are. I think it’s going to just continuously run. We might even have a record winter I think,” said Sly Park Liquor employee Bill Ralph.

There will be a lot of shoveling to do but the locals have through been this type of weather before, it’s just been a few years.

“Just relax and drink hot chocolate and coffee and shovel and play with the dogs in the snow,” Thompson said.