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AUBURN, Calif. (KTXL) – The snow has not just been falling in the Sierra, several foothill communities also saw their fair share of snowfall over the last 24 hours.

North Auburn, at 1,500 feet, received fresh snow overnight Tuesday and throughout Wednesday morning.

Those who live in the area said Auburn gets a little bit of snow now and then but added this is the most snow they’ve seen in quite a long time.

“Oh gosh, I’d say it’s probably been four or five years since we’ve actually seen this amount of snow up in Auburn,” Mark Riemer told FOX40.

For Riemer, it’s a welcome sight in a community that saw snowfall even in its lower areas around Old Town Auburn and the historic courthouse. 

“Just thankful, I mean what can I say?” Riemer said. “It’s great to have the snow back. Let’s hope it continues and we have a great snow year and lots of water. It really would be nice.”

That is a sentiment shared by Mitchell Wilson of Foresthill. 

“I was surprised. I’ve haven’t seen it in, probably, about 10 years,” Wilson said. “We don’t get it very often and with the drought situation, we’re happy to see it.”