Life Time Athletics in Roseville reopens with new safety measures in place

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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — After months away from the gym, many people were spotted smiling while grinding away during their workouts Friday morning.  

“I’ve been walking my dog about three times a day and then doing some home workouts,” gym member Lance Von Vogt said. “But it’s all been with extreme social distancing and you lose the community part of it.”

Within the first few hours of opening about 100 members of Life Time Athletic in Roseville had returned. 

Senior general manager of Life Time Athletic Rob Chemaly said although the gym has been closed, the staff had been working behind the scenes to step up cleaning and distancing protocols.

“We have roughly almost 200 pieces of cardio equipment here. And so, every other one has got a sticker on it and it’s been unplugged so that the useable ones are 6 feet apart and we can practice social distancing,” Chemaly said. “In addition to that, obviously, class sizes are a little smaller, again, to practice social distancing. We’ve got markings on the floor in all of our studios. And then, in our cycle studio where we had 72 bikes before, we have 40 now.”

Cycle instructor Marley Smith is used to having a full class. Now, full is being redefined.

“Everyone is respecting the new way and they’re grateful for the social distancing and the space allotted,” Smith explained. “And in some cases, we do have waitlists but we’re working the kinks out and everyone’s just really grateful to be back.”

Chemaly acknowledges Life Time Athletic isn’t your typical gym, in part because they have significantly more space than occupants.

On the fitness floors, they were able to increase distancing without cutting back on members.

Chemaly points out big gyms modeled on low membership costs but a high density of clients could run into trouble.

“I think some of the smaller studios it might be tough,” Chemaly explained. “If you had 10 or 12 bikes but now all of a sudden you can only have five or seven. Or you’ve got a certain amount of equipment and a certain amount of square footage but everything’s scrunched together and now all of a sudden that’s limited, that may be tougher.”

Where the industry goes from here and who is left standing in the months to come remains to be seen but for now many have never been so happy to work so hard.


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