‘Like a hammer hit me’: Bullet strikes Woodland man’s foot during Fourth of July celebration

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WOODLAND, Calif. (KTXL) — A Fourth of July celebration left a bullet painfully lodged in a Woodland man’s foot.

“It felt more like a hammer hit me in the foot,” resident Clay Worl told FOX40 Tuesday. “Yeah, I was a little shocked.

Clay Worl said his family, who are new to the neighborhood, were enjoying Sunday night’s festivities before being injured.

“The kids were just lighting off some fireworks,” Clay Worl recalled. “I felt something just smack my foot. Did something bite me really quick and run off? I had no clue.”

Clay Worl said his wife, Tianna Worl, took him to the hospital.

“And they did an X-ray and it was a bullet,” Clay Worl said.

“If he was out just a little bit more, or whatever, it could’ve been his skull, it could’ve been something more vital,” Tianna Worl said. “Could’ve been the kids.”

Police are investigating where the bullet might have come from. 

“I’m not sure we can really determine the trajectory of the round that entered the victim’s foot,” explained Woodland police spokesperson Sgt. Victoria Danzl. “It’s also difficult when there’s a lot of fireworks going off, there’s a lot of noise and people are anticipating, hearing that sort of explosive sound.”

Clay Worl said investigators took his shoe as evidence while the bullet is still inside his foot.

“I want it out,” he said. “I just want it out”

He said he hopes the bullet will be removed Wednesday during a follow-up doctor’s visit.

In the meantime, he said he doesn’t mind being an example of the consequences of someone’s very poor decision.

“Put your gun away until you can learn how to use it right,” Clay Worl said. “You know, not to shoot it up in the air. You could have killed somebody.”

Police admit that solving the case is going to be difficult.

Woodland police said, if needed, they could involve the Department of Justice who could help match that bullet with any guns and people in their database, but since nobody died, it won’t be a priority for the DOJ.

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