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LINCOLN, Calif. (KTXL) — Lincoln High School officials alerted families Wednesday evening they received social media images threatening school violence Thursday morning.

Lincoln High School Principal Jen Hladun announced that two images on Snapchat were reported by students at around 5:30 p.m.

“We take all threats to our campus security very seriously,” Hladun said in her alert. “Families have contacted the Lincoln PD, as have I. We have informed our Superintendent as well.

Hladun said the school’s resource officer is actively trying to learn the origin of the images and has requested support from the Lincoln Police Department to ensure campus safety Thursday.

Jesuit High School in Carmichael called the sheriff’s office when it also learned about a threatening Snapchat post that mentioned a school with the letters “JHS.” On Wednesday, the school said it learned the person who allegedly made the post was a Florida student and the threat had prompted lockdowns at other schools across the country. The student has since been arrested.

Families are asked to contact police at 916-645-4040 if their student has any information about where the images came from.