Lincoln High School senior completes goal of competing in 3 sports

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LINCOLN, Calif. (KTXL) — All that is left now are memories of a senior season like no other. 

“I’ll definitely remember how crazy it was. I’ve never played all three sports in basically three months,” said J.T. Willis, a Lincoln senior. 

“His senior year was a whole lot of waiting around, frustration, and then, it was a whirlwind of a ride,” said Mark Willis, his dad. 

He played football, basketball and baseball. 

From mid-March until early June, J.T. did not miss a game for the Fighting Zebras. 

“There were times I was, are you sure you want to do this? You sure you don’t want to take a day off? He was like, no and he pushed through,” Mark Willis said. “You could tell he was tired at times. He made sure that each coach knew what the plan was, he was very schedule oriented.”

“I would say, towards the end, yeah it started to drain on me a little bit. Some days after practice I’d fall asleep on the couch before dinner,” J.T. Willis said. 

“One day he played a game, and he thought he could leave early, but they needed him all 7 innings,” Mark Willis said. “So, then he walked into the gym at the end of the 3rd quarter, and the coach is like, are you ready? He was literally tying his shoes, and then they threw him into the game.”

But the chaos was worth it. J.T. not only received several school awards, he also accepted a scholarship to play football for Lewis & Clark College in Portland. 

“Some people wanted me to try and go play baseball up there, but I’m just fine with playing football,” J.T. Willis said. 

“August 17 is the day he moves into the dorms and that’s going to be a tough time. I can’t think about it right now, kind of choke up a little bit,” said Mark Willis. 

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