Conservatives Rally at Capitol, Draw Counter-Protesters

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SACRAMENTO -- Conservative groups planned the “Turn California Red” rally on Sunday at the State Capitol to drum up support ahead of the midterm elections.

Counter-protesters showed up, saying the rally was to spew hate. Though there were some tense moments, the rally ultimately remained peaceful.

A rallying cry of “red tsunami” bawled from the steps of the Capitol, calling on California to vote Republican in the midterm elections.

“We can turn California red and take our state back from the Democrats who have been destroying it,” said rally organizer, Chris Ross.

But counter-protesters had another message and chanted, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.”

“I don’t believe this is purely to, as they say, make 'California red.' I think they want to make California white,” said Jules Miller.

Counter-protesters believe the rally is being put on by neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

“A very extreme group that expresses a lot of xenophobia, misogyny and really are just a violent organization,” said Caroline Larsen.

The rally organizer claims that’s not the case saying, “The fact is that anybody they disagree with, they are going to call a white supremacist or a racist because it’s the only negative thing they can say about us.”

Though the rally remained peaceful, there was a good amount of yelling between the two sides and even an arrest after police say one man challenged others to a fight.

There was a large law enforcement presence that kept the two sides safe and apart from one another.

However, protesters seemed to agree, Sunday’s confrontation will ultimately be solved at the polls.


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