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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Local LGBTQ advocates are working to help members in the community directly affected by COVID-19. 

“When the pandemic hit, we knew that our LGBTQ community would be the most impacted,” said Ayotunde Ikuku, who works with the Gender Health Center.

In the Spirit of Stonewall is a joint disaster relief effort by the Gender Health Center and the Sacramento LGBT Community Center to provide funds to members of the LGBTQ community impacted by the virus. 

“Both of our organizations just wanted to come together and really support our community,” said Ariela Cuellar with the Sacramento LGBT Community Center.

The fundraiser is dedicated to providing direct monetary assistance to those in the community, including some who may be undocumented and those ineligible to receive government assistance.

Advocates in the LGBTQ community say their main priority is to help with things like rent and health care.

“Some of us are impacted in a way that is a lot more damaging,” Ikuku told FOX40. “When someone has intersections of racial discrimination that may come up when it comes to getting medical service, that’s very dire.”

Cuellar said COVID-19 also affects members of the senior LGBTQ community, those who do not feel like they have a safe space in their homes and those suffering from isolation. 

“There’s a lot of different effects that our community has been suffering through. This whole isolation in general,” Cuellar said.

While Cuellar said the CEO of the Global Transgender Safety Tasks Force USA Inc. has offered a $5,000 matching gift for the fund, both organizations are hoping people apply to get the help they may need. 

“We hope to probably serve the most that we can during that time,” Cuellar said.

“Folks who may have been unfamiliar with either of our organizations may be applying for this and realize that we have other services,” Ikuku said.

LGBTQ members can apply for help starting Monday. 

If you would like to donate or apply for help, click or tap here.