Local Bride’s Family Donates Reception Meal to Homeless after Groom Gets Cold Feet

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It was a night any bride would have blushed for, a perfect reception planned on the seventh floor of Sacramento’s Citizen Hotel for Saturday.

But then, the groom got cold feet just a few days before the wedding.

“It was awful,” said David Duane, the bride’s father. “I have five daughters … this was my oldest getting married … my daughter was devastated,” as was he, when he found out he couldn’t be refunded for the wedding plans.

The El Dorado Hills resident spent about $35,000 on his daughter’s wedding.

“My wife came up with the idea. Maybe we invite some homeless folks?” David explained.

The Duanes called Next Move, a homeless shelter in Sacramento. The staff got the ball rolling quickly and coordinated bus vouchers for their residents to get to the Citizen Hotel.

“Steak, salmon. That’s an unusual meal for us!” Next Move resident and mother Amara Dotson told FOX40.

“I would’ve never thought to donate it… it was a really nice offer.” she said Monday.

According to Duane, the bride and groom have officially split up. Duane’s daughter and wife went on the honeymoon to Belize.

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