Local Christians Take Moment During Easter Service to Honor Victims of Sri Lanka Bombings

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GRANITE BAY — Officials believe bombs may have targeted the Christian community on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka.

Several Americans were among the more than 200 killed, according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Christians in Sacramento were shocked by the devastating news.

“As a Christian community across the world we heard some bad news today and that involves the beautiful nation of Sri Lanka,” said Senior Pastor Andrew McCourt of Bayside Church. “We just really thought that we would take a moment in the service to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters.”

At the final service on Easter Sunday at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, they mourned the loss of the hundreds killed in the blasts.

“As soon as I woke this morning, I just looked at the news headlines and it hit me immediately,” McCourt told FOX40.

McCourt started his Sunday like so many around the world by learning that eight explosions had torn through Sri Lankan hotels and churches.

“I’m from Northern Ireland and I grew up around the area of Belfast, and I understand and I have experience of what bombs are,” McCourt said. “They never bring hope. They never bring change.”

Officials say the first series of blasts happened inside packed churches during Easter Mass.

“The news today was heartbreaking,” said parishioner Mark Miller. “Anytime you see loss of life and terrorism or hate it’s just, it’s heartbreaking.”

While people locally thought about those who lost their lives overseas, they held close to their faith and prayed for peace.

“But there is hope and it happened to be on a day where we have great hope in the resurrection of Christ,” Miller said.

Government officials believe the blasts were an act of terror. Officials say several people have already been arrested in connection to the bombings.


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