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A church in Sacramento hosted one of Al Qaeda’s most wanted men.

Father Zakaria Botros Henein is a Coptic Christian Priest, originally from Egypt. Since childhood, he has been an outspoken Christian in the Middle East.

“I hate Islam,” Father Zakaria said. “I hate the doctrines of Islam. Because they are Satanic doctrines.”

The priest gained fame for his controversial television show, where he used verses from the Quran to spread Christianity.

“Verses from Quran say kill those who don’t believe in Islam. Kill them. It’s not a religion from God. God wants to save. Not to kill,” the 80-year-old priest said.

“That makes some of the more radical parts of the Muslim community very upset. And so I guess they have a bounty on his head,” Pastor Dann Bryant of Arcade Church told FOX40.

Some sources state Al Qaeda has a $60 million bounty out for him. Because of that, some believe the FBI keeps a close eye on him, and his current address remains a top secret.

Pastor Bryant originally worried about inviting the media to interview Father Zakaria, in fear of his safety. However, he reconsidered after realizing his message was of peace.

Surrounded by his men, Father Zakaria spoke with FOX40 for a few minutes before addressing the congregation Sunday.

But why invite him to Sacramento? Church officials said with the Capital City having one of the most diverse populations in the United States, it only makes sense to invite such a globally influential, yet controversial guest.

The church has a diverse congregation, including a weekly Arabic service.

“Different denominations, different countries, different colors, different in everything, but they all love Jesus Christ. One,” Zakaria said.

Despite his controversial statements, Father Zakaria is not a Muslim-hater, but a Christ-lover.

“My ultimate intention is to save Muslims,” he said. “Actually I love Muslims as much as I hate Islam.”

As for his possible hit from Al Qaeda, he says he is not afraid.

“I’d be very happy if Al Qaeda or radical Muslims kill me,” he said. “If someone takes one shot at me, he takes me to that place [heaven]. I should say ‘Thank you. I arrived. I arrived’.”