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SACRAMENTO — In Sacramento County, local churches are reacting to this latest mass shooting.

Several churches offered support in light of today’s tragedy; the tragedy prompted many of them to step up security measures saying, they’re actively thinking of better ways to keep parishioners safe.

People all across the country woke up Saturday morning to news of another mass shooting.

“It made my heart sink knowing people are under attack so much, and innocent people coming to a place to worship,” said Rick Cole, pastor at Capital Christian Center.

Cole always prepared for the worst but news of this latest mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue left him speechless.

“I think about where we are coming here tomorrow into this building, you just never know. Those people that gathered today didn’t know what they’d encounter,” Cole said.

Shaun Hampton with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office says in light of this latest tragedy, they’re stepping up security measures across the region.

“Locally, our sheriff’s department reached out to the local FBI to ensure we had a good flow of communication,” Hampton said.

But security experts say despite heightened awareness after tragedy strikes, people need to be aware of any signs to help keep places of worship safe.

“What we suggest is that you pull some people back, one or two or a team of people, and those people are the ones that are security and on guard,” said security expert, Hector Alvarez.

Cole says his church is tightening up security measures.

“We do have people who are staying observant who are seeing if there’s anyone out of the ordinary acting unusual,” Cole stated.

He’s sending his thoughts and prayers to those who were injured and lost their lives.

“Our prayers are with you and the whole Jewish community, it just affects us all,” Cole said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office will be increasing patrols in light of the shooting.

The agency says there’s no sign of any threat in the area at this time, but they’re urging people to reach out if they notice anything suspicious.