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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Most sports fans in the region remember Big League ballplayer Greg Vaughn who played locally at both Kennedy High and Sacramento City College before going professional.

At 55, Vaughn is now co-owner of a hyper wellness and cryotherapy center in Sacramento. 

Vaughn says he wishes cryotherapy was around during his playing days from 1989 to 2003.

“I would sit in an ice-bath after every single game, and that was 15-minutes of hell so-to-speak,” Vaughn said. 

The business he co-owns is Restore Hyper Wellness in Loehmann’s Plaza; it opened eight months ago. 

“We have all the bells and whistles to help you recover. Whether you’re doing mud-runs, or you’re biking, or you’re beating yourself up, or whether you’re just hurt,” Vaughn said. “It’s like a one-stop-shop if you’re into health and wellness.”

Vaughn says it’s even better than an ice bath. 

“Oh yeah, that’s three minutes of pleasure right there,” he said. 

The treatment they offer is popular with professional athletes, whose job is to keep their bodies in the best physical condition possible. Former Grant Pacer and current New York Giants running back Devontae Booker stopped by on Thursday. 

“This is like a football, or sports person’s dream. To come in here and get all this body-work and stuff done for us to perform,” Booker said. 

“My rolodex is here, you know what I mean. It’s all over the place, but this is home,” Vaughn said. “For them, for those guys to trust me and come in here, all that does is give me a little bit more stability to the general public that, if these guys are doing it maybe everyone should start doing something to take care of their body.”

Vaughn says he plans on opening another hyper wellness and cryotherapy center in Elk Grove in the near future.