Local Doctors Swamped with Calls about Measles Vaccinations

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The thought of a child infected with measles has parents in Sacramento County scurrying for information on the illness.

Pediatrician Dr. Richard Gould in Sacramento has received so many questions about the measles from families that he had to change his answering machine this week.

"We have received many questions about the vaccine," the answering machine plays. "There have been no changes in the vaccine recommended dosage."

"It's overwhelming. As parents, we want to make good decisions," said Dr. Gould. He also said the recent outbreak stems from the fact that fewer and fewer parents are vaccinating their children.

"The reality is it's like having a Lexus with airbags," said Dr. Gould. "[It's like if you bought] the best tech and then you disable the airbags."

Dr. Gould says about 2.5% of children nationwide are unvaccinated. In Sacramento though, the number is twice as high at 5% unvaccinated.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dennis Godby is a Naturopathic doctor, and has been practicing in Midtown for ten years. He takes a much different approach to medicine, focusing on strengthening the immune system first and foremost.

"Everybody that walks into my office is Vitamin D deficient," said Dr. Godby. "I can't say I'm an expert on whether vaccines cause autism or not. I try to respect the person who comes in by giving them my opinion, which is I'm not against all vaccinations and I'm not all for them."

By state law, schools require students get vaccinated. Rare exceptions are made for families who apply for exempt status due to religious, philosophical, or medical reasons.

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