Local Groups Rally against Paris Terrorist Attacks

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Local community organizations rallied on the Capitol steps Friday to condemn the terrorist acts in France.

Many held signs that read "I am a Muslim against terrorism" and "Ju suis Charlie [I am Charlie]."

Dozens of people from halfway across the world showed their support for French satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo.

"We are all grieving for these reporters, and these cartoonists, these brave, brave people who lived and died for their principle. Principle of freedom of expression," Executive Director of Alliance Francaise de Sacramento,  Beatrice Hildebrand said.

Hildebrand said the magazine is known to always push the envelope. She translated the most recent cartoon subtitles: "'Still no attack in France.' Then it says, 'Wait! We have until the end of January to present our good wishes.' That's what it says here."

The publication of a few thousand readers has been sent to court, been threatened and even had their building torched. They said they expect some backlash. However, they never believed the threats would escalate to this level.

Sacramento organizations, including Muslim and French groups recognize the acts of these self-proclaimed jihadist gunmen were just as much an attack on Muslims  as if was on freedom of speech.

Khalid Saeed, President of the American Muslim Voice, started the rally by saying his group disapproves the terrorist acts.

"Muslims become the target for propaganda. We get a double whammy because we get blamed by association and we, as humans, it hurts," he said.

"We are also grieving for the Muslim people who are victimized by these people who are radical extremists, who are portraying their religion as something that is not the true Muslim religion," Hildebrand said.


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