Local man left in coma after car thief runs him over

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – A local man is in a coma after he was run over while his car was being stolen at a Sacramento gas station.

“You know, being a believer I understand that God always gives his biggest battles to his toughest soldiers,” said professional boxer Blake McKernan. “And right now, myself, my family, and my little brother are ultimately tested with probably one of the biggest battles and fights that our family has ever seen.”

McKernan’s brother, 27-year-old husband and father Ryan Buckner, is fighting for his life.

A few weeks ago, Buckner stopped at a Mobil gas station on Folsom Boulevard.

It was just before dawn when he parked right outside the minimart and ran in to make a quick purchase, leaving his car running.

“You know being that it was so early in the morning, I think that he might have been rushing a little bit so he pumped gas in his car and he did what a lot of us do,” McKernan said. “We might start our car and walk away from our car for a certain period of time.”

According to Sacramento police and McKernan, a thief took advantage of the opportunity and attempted to drive away in Buckner’s car.

Buckner jumped in front of the car and tried to stop the thief.

“He hits my brother, my brother flies up in the air and as the car is driving off my brother comes landing down directly on his head,” McKernan explained.

McKernan says his brother is now in a coma at the UC Davis Medical Center.

“And as I swore an oath many years ago to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic, even though I’m no longer in the military right now, that’s an oath that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life, whether it comes to attending to my brother or attending to anybody in the world that would need my assistance, I’m always there to answer the call,” McKernan told FOX40.

McKernan set up a GoFundMe to help pay for medical expenses and the cost of what could be a long road to recovery for his brother.

“This isn’t about me. This is about me in a sense where I’m trying to utilize a platform that I’ve been able to create and make for myself and better my life and my career, and now I’m trying to use my platform not for myself but for my family,” McKernan said. “A lot of times in life people always want to ask when bad things happen, ‘God, why is this happening to me? Why now?’ Some things aren’t always meant to be understood. There’s a lot of things in life that we may have prayed or asked God for, not understanding when they were going to come and the whole time not understanding God was only preparing us for where he was trying to accel us to.” 

Sacramento police have surveillance video of the incident and are investigating the car theft and the vehicular assault. McKernan says a detective told the family an arrest has been made.

According to Sacramento Police, the suspect was identified as 18-year-old Timotheus Walker. He was arrested March 30 in Phoenix Arizona and awaits extradition on attempted murder and carjacking charges.

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