Local Officials Want You to Get Ready for This Weekend’s Scorching Temperatures

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SACRAMENTO — Daniel Sotelo was enjoying Wednesday afternoon at McKinley Park with his three sons.

“Just whatever we can just to have fun and enjoy the summer while the kids are off on their summer vacation,” he told FOX40.

They were tolerating the heat.

“I try to tell them, ‘Stay hydrated, get water’ but sometimes they don’t drink it as much. So, I’ve really been on them lately,” Sotelo said.

They were doing all the right things but this coming weekend it might be simply too hot for outdoor fun.

An Excessive Heat Watch issued by the National Weather Service in Sacramento means there will be a prolonged period of hot temperatures, creating a dangerous situation in which heat-related illnesses are possible.

It will be a good weekend for indoor plans.

If you must be outside this weekend, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Capt. Chris Vestal encourages everyone to try to limit outdoor activities to the morning hours and hydrate with more than just water.

“Things like Gatorade or those types of sports drinks, those will help your body function. Those will help the electrolytes, help the signal from your brain get to your muscles,” Capt. Vestal said.

He also recommends paying attention to what your body is telling you.

“If your skin’s getting dry, if you’re getting confused, especially if you stop sweating and your pulse rate rises, that’s a good sign that you might be having some kind of heat exposure ailment and might be time to get inside and take a rest,” he said.

Back at McKinley Park, FOX40 found parents and coaches making sure kids were staying safe during tennis practice.

“Coach always make sure that they’re not too hot. Tell them to wear their hats,” a player said.

“Every time when the coach tells us to pick up the ball, when I’m done picking up the balls, I just go get some water,” one of the kids said.

Vestal also had a warning for the grownups who might be tempted to cool down by drinking a lot of cold beer.

“They try and cool off, they try and stay hydrated but they’re doing it with the wrong stuff. They’re doing it in the wrong ways,” Vestal explained. “That causes us to have an increase in calls. That means that we can’t respond to other types of calls as efficiently as we would normally like to.”


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