Local pastor, 10-year-old son given tickets to watch World Series in Atlanta

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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — A local pastor and his 10-year-old son will be at their field of dreams in person as they watch their Atlanta Braves play game four of the World Series in Atlanta Saturday.

Jason Caine, also known as Pastor Caine of Bayside Blue Oaks Church in Roseville, a native of Atlanta, has always been a bigtime Braves fan.

He recalled what he did when he saw an Instagram post from the Braves.

“It said, ‘Tell us you’re a fan. Without telling us you’re a fan,’” Caine said.

He responded back.

“I’ve been a fan since I was 10 years old when you guys won the World Series. And now my son is 10. If you guys win, I’m going to cry.”

That same day, his phone began blowing up.

Delta Airlines responded back to him saying:

“Don’t cry in the car. If you’re crying happy tears… it should be at the game. Let’s fly you and your son to Game 4… Braves you in?”

Braves responded, “We’re in!”

“And then, Delta and the Braves hit me up, and said we got two free tickets. So, me and my boy are going to the World Series. I cannot believe it. We in there,” Caine said. 

He said that Delta made good on their word — fast.

“I had the tickets within an hour,” Caine said.

Next, was breaking the news to his son, Jason.

“I was really excited. But at first, I thought my dad was trying to prank me,” Caine’s son Jason said with laughter.

Video captured the joy of when he told his son about the tickets.

“Just going to a world series with my dad, like he’s always been my coach,” Jason said. “I feel like it’s going to be really fun.” 

He said he may even add to his collection of autographed baseballs, like the one he got from pitcher Charlie Morton at a recent Braves game against the Giants.

“So, you never know what putting a nice comment somewhere, how far it’d take you. It’s easy to be mean. But when you’re kind, man, it’s amazing what can happen,” Caine said. “We definitely believe that Atlanta is going to win it. Hopefully in four games. If we’re there to celebrate them winning in four games, I will lose my mind. I’ll be crying on TV.”

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