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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento’s real estate market is booming and part of what is driving home sales is people leaving the Bay Area and moving to the Sacramento region.

A few of the reasons why Bay Area transplants are making the change include the cost of living, concerns of being in a crowded city during the pandemic and the ability to now easily work from home.   

Sacramento isn’t the only Northern California city seeing an increase in home sales.

A recent report by shows the three biggest real estate markets in the entire country are all in Northern California.  

Analysts say the number one place people bought homes in February was the Vallejo-Fairfield area. Yuba city was second and the Stockton-Lodi area came in third.

Sacramento placed 13th on the list.

The founder of House Real Estate in Sacramento, Tim Collom joined FOX40 Tuesday to talk about the local housing boom.