Local shoppers get ready for Halloween during COVID-19

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Halloween is still about six weeks away but inside Evangeline’s Costume Mansion in Old Sacramento every day is like the 31st of October.

The manager on duty told FOX40 Tuesday that Halloween business is strong. Whether they want to dress up from another time or another planet, plenty of people are snatching up costumes and supplies.

But Halloween will be different in the age of COVID-19, according to Dr. Mark Ghaly, California’s director of Health and Human Services.

“I will just say on Halloween, certainly the way we’ve trick-or-treated in the past is not going to be the way that it’s done this year. It may, in fact, be the safest thing not to do it the way we’ve done in the past, or at all,” Ghaly said.

Ghaly said the state is working to come up with clear, consistent Halloween guidance that will be announced at a later date.

Yet, some shoppers at Evangeline’s were determined to keep the holiday alive.

“Hopefully, you know, we don’t lose a tradition,” said shopper Daniel Hill.

“Everything is doable,” said nurse Chandra Tian. “All the things will still be up, houses will still be decorated and you can still buy candy for your children. And you can still dress up. But I would like to see people be responsible and not have so much of the parties this year, and the crowded trick-or-treating.”

With COVID-19 adding a different layer of fear to the holiday, the tradition of trick-or-treating is up in the air.

“I don’t know about this year if I would actually go trick-or-treating. But couldn’t we just give out candy with gloves on?” asked a girl shopping at Evangeline’s.

The holiday might be a skeleton of its former self as more families choose to keep the cobwebs indoors this year.

“We just let them pick out some special surprises. And we’ll probably just have a little cousin gathering at home and do something special with the family,” said Vacaville resident Kim Young.

Efforts to “save Halloween” are gaining traction on social media as many people are determined to continue the tradition of trick-or-treating. One such effort, called #OperationSaveHalloween, suggests people leave a purple pumpkin outside their door on Halloween to signify that their home is a safe place for trick-or-treaters.

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