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ROSEVILLE — Two local siblings are changing the way people take care of their dogs using an app they designed to help track your pet’s activities.

The holidays are here and for many people that means a home full of people.

There’s a lot going on and the last thing you need to worry about is who fed the dog; that’s why they created the app, DogLog.

“There’s a lot of dog owners out there who probably face the same problems that our family did,” Ron Marks, head of technology at DogLog said.

The Marks family was inspired to create the app by their own dog — Joy.

“She would always give us those cute beggar eyes in the morning. She would always want us to feed her whether she ate or whether she didn’t,” Ron Marks explained.

“We kept on trying to track it using pieces of paper or texting or calling one another, but a lot of times we wouldn’t get feedback in time, so a lot of times our dog would trick us into feeding her twice,” Lynn Marks, DogLog product manager said.

So, they used their own experience along with their degrees in computer science and project management to create an app that could help them track Joy’s feeding schedule and medication. Getting everyone on the same page with the tap of a finger.

“She had some illnesses and DogLog was really useful for keeping up with her really strict medicine schedule,” Lynn Marks said.

“It was helpful to have a track of all her sort of activities to show the vet when we took her and they could sort of look at patterns and understand if there was something that doesn’t look quite right,” Ron Marks said.

When the Marks family realized how helpful DogLog was for their family, they decided to offer it to the rest of the world — for free.

“We have this problem. We want to solve it. And we actually ended up talking with a bunch of other people who had the same problem as us and that’s what made us want to grow the app more and hopefully help other dog families as well,” Lynn Marks said.

Not only does DogLog allow families to track their dog’s feeding schedules but they can also input how often their pets take walks, go to the bathroom and get groomed.

The Marks duo is hoping the app they designed as a family will become an everyday part of pet owners’ lives around the world.

“I want it to be the one place where dog owners can go to see all information regarding their pets,” Lynn Marks said.

The app is available to download for free in the iPhone app store or Google Play for android.