Local theater company puts on ‘haunted’ Halloween show at nearly century-old Yuba City home

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YUBA CITY, Calif. (KTXL) — A local theater group is coming together to entertain crowds safely this Halloween.

The Acting Company will be putting on a three-night show at a nearly 100-year-old home in Yuba City before a socially-distanced group of visitors. 

The outdoor performance is one way to not only entertain crowds but also raise some much-needed funding.  

“The story is about the pandemic of 1918,” said Aaron Watkins with The Acting Company.

Starting Thursday night, thrill-seekers will be getting a guided outdoor tour throughout the property of the “imaginary” 100-year-old Bogue Manor.

They will watch through glass windows as actors bring to life what the theater company is calling a haunted, century-old children’s hospital.

In reality, the acting company admits the home was built in 1924 and there is not a real cemetery on the grounds.

“We’ve designed it in such a way, very conscious of COVID,” Watkins said. “You go through the event with a guide. We’re asking everyone to have masks. We’re asking everyone to stay in the groups that they came with.”

They are offering visitors a batch of safe, live entertainment and actors an outlet to showcase their talents at a time when theater doors remain shuttered.

“Our entire season this year, six shows were canceled. We’re kind of barely scraping by,” Watkins said.

The performers haven’t been able to put on a show since March due to coronavirus restrictions. 

“It’s been tough,” said actor Bill Buchner.

They’re hoping the proceeds from the tour will provide the financial boost needed to keep the acting company open post-pandemic.

“The acting company is just a great place. A lot of kids go there. They have bills still and have no income,” Buchner said. “So, what can we do to keep it afloat? So, I was really excited when I heard about this.”

Tickets for the three-night event are sold out but if you’d like to make a donation to the theater company, you can click or tap here.

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