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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Over the past year, therapists in the Sacramento-area say they’ve been slammed with helping their clients during the pandemic.

“We’re mostly overbooked because of the raise in anxiety and kids not being able to be with their friends, and the parents with their kids at home,” explained Silvia Dominguez-Rios, a licensed marriage and family therapist with Maitri Counseling.

Dominguez-Rios says the process wasn’t efficient enough for her clients.

“It sometimes takes too long so I really needed to check it out,” Dominguez-Rios said.

Over the weekend, Dominguez-Rios, along with other local therapists, were trained on how to do Accelerated Resolution Therapy.

Holly Christensen, a licensed clinical social worker, led the training and says patients with trauma, anxiety and depression find this type of therapy to not only be effective, but quick.

“We engage through bilateral smooth pursue eye movements for engaging both hemispheres of the brain,” Christensen explained. “If it’s a single incident, we can clear it in usually one to two sessions as opposed to months or years of traditional talk therapy.”

The therapy does not require patients to talk but just follow the rapid hand movements as they play the traumatic incidents in their mind.

“We find that there’s a natural relaxing of the body where we get to voluntarily replace traumatic images with something of the client’s choosing,” Christensen said.

After the training, Dominguez-Rios says she’s impressed with the instant results.

“I’m looking forward to practicing with clients in the area,” she said.

Christensen says the therapy is not only for people suffering because of the pandemic but for anyone who is interested and she says the therapy is effective when performed virtually.