Local Veterans React to Obama’s Latest Mideast Plan

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With America's current conflicts in the Middle East, retired Marine corporal Jason Blackwood can't help thinking about his years served in Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield and the Gulf War Illness he's been battling since.

"We were gassed," Blackwood said of his unit.

Now that President Obama has committed nearly 500 more troops to the effort to defeat Islamic terrorists in Syria, Blackwood's first concern is about those who have to execute the commander in chief's plans.

"We were exposed to a lot of toxins that the veterans today might be exposed to," he said.

Does he think America is taking the right steps?

"I don't know if diplomacy always works."

Victor Mendoza fought in Iraq as a lance corporal in the Marines.

"For us, politics go out the window. We're just there for the guy on the left and guy on the right," he said.

Though he tries to stay out of the "issues" behind any orders his brethren might receive, Mendoza also has a personal action plan about ISIS.

"If it takes more troops and if I have to enlist again, I'll do it, " he said.

Chris Lambert left Vietnam with three purple hearts and a passion for protecting America.

He has trouble with the semantics surrounding the current campaign in Syria, the effort for it not to be a "war."

"You know, we've tried to sugar-coat the word called 'war' for a long time. Vietnam was never called a war. Vietnam was a 'police action,' right? There's still veterans 47, 48 years later that still have a difficult time with that statement," he said.

Lambert does want to see his country be decisive and done with the current threat.

"A war is a war. Let's go fight it. Let's kill the bad guys and then let's come home," Lambert said.


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