Locals Bid Farewell to Music Legend Chuck Berry

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SACRAMENTO — In a way it doesn’t matter what is played on the jukebox, somewhere up in the family tree of every rock ‘n’ roll song you’re liable to run into Chuck Berry.

“If I hadn’t been here, I would have had to go out and find some live music tonight,” said one local fan.

Rock ‘n’ roll fans at the Torch Club in Sacramento mourned the death of Chuck Berry like only rock ‘n’ roll fans can.

“He is a legend among legends and he will be missed,” said a band member of The Traveling Heartbreakers, who played at Torch Club Saturday. “But his music will live on forever.”

At 90, Berry left behind a life that even Johnny B. Goode would have had a hard time hoping for. He was the founding inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, author of music wildly popular in its time and still revered by pop culture decades later.

Berry accrued a pretty long criminal record in his time, but a much longer lasting impact on the memories of those who grew up with him on the turn table.

The Traveling Heartbreakers, and all the bands at the club, were inundated with requests to hear some Chuck Berry, one more time.

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