Locals March for Safer Streets

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“They don’t stop for nobody. Flying by, flying by, flying by.”

It’s risky business, walking alongside a freeway.

But this is just typical 6 p.m. traffic on Power Inn Road.

“I have six granddaughters and we have to walk in the bike lane to go to the store. It’s very dangerous, very dangerous around here,” resident Denise Davis said.

Neighbors say it’s also deadly.

In the past few years, they’ve witnessed several accidental deaths, all pedestrians hit by cars in the residential area in unincorporated Sacramento.

One of the recent fatalities killed a disabled man named David Vaillancourt.

“He got knocked out of his wheelchair. It was like his wheelchair, his body and a shoe,” said Davis.

Friday, community members marched down the 40 mile-an-hour zone because they can’t stand for it anymore.

The Alliance for California Community Empowerment, also known as “ACCE”, has been working on a pedestrian safety plan for two years.

They say the county has heard their concerns.

But until a change is made, they’re asking drivers to slow down and be responsible.

“I don’t want to see any more people get killed,” Davis said.

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