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Volunteers are getting their hands a bit dirty today to honor Cesar Chavez, a man who dedicated his life to fighting for the civil rights of farm workers.

“In the farming industry Cesar Chavez is an icon, and horning him is an honor for us to be able to come out here and do this service work in his honor,” said Monica Hassan of Volunteer California.

“It’s Cesar Chavez Day and I wanted to do my best effort and come out here and reach out to the community,” said volunteer Deno Nguyen.

The group is volunteering at Soil Born Farms, a nonprofit farm that helps provide healthy food to thousands of people in Sacramento County who can’t afford fruits and vegetables.

“We donate right from the field to the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services. We have a relationship with them and we donate minimally 15,000 pounds,” said Michele Ranieri of Soil Born Farms.

But the food doesn’t jump off the vines, trees and plants by themselves. It takes the hard work of area volunteers from Americorp and Volunteer California to get the job done.

“They are going to help us prepare our flower garden and also work on the native plant area,” Ranieri said.

Hassan says coming to Soil Born Farms is fun and a great way to honor a great man, a man she hopes inspires others to lend a hand.

“Service doesn’t have to be boring. It can be something true and dear to your heart. Today we are out in the sun shine and enjoying it and doing it for a good cause,” said Ranieri.

Soil Born Farms operates totally on volunteer help. If you would like to help or honor Cesar Chavez you can log onto our website to find out how you can lend a hand.