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LODI, Calif. (KTXL) – A Lodi baby’s intense reaction to her first taste of ice cream has gone viral.

Blakley Rose’s eye-popping experience had her mom in stitches.

“I started recording it and I’m really glad I did because that was a golden reaction,” Brittani Jernigan said. “Just posted on there just for fun. I mean, I don’t really go on there much and Tik Tok is really where it blew up.”

Chime after chime, Brittani says her digital audience went far beyond her community of Lodi, with the sweet reaction getting shared on national TV and websites.

“For her, it’s pretty cool. Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool,” dad Derek Jernigan said.

The Jernigans say their daughter’s honest reaction reminds them of the simple joys we sometimes take for granted.

“Just really helped slow things down and just enjoying the moment and her,” Brittani said.