Lodi neighborhood spends Monday clearing flooded streets after historic rain

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LODI, Calif. (KTXL) — The cleanup continues Monday afternoon at Vineyard Terrace in Lodi after the deluge of rain left the new home development underwater. 

I mean it’s devastating,” said new homeowner Travis Cale. “We moved in this house a week ago and we never expected to have waterfront property and we did this morning and unfortunately, now we have to deal with the remains of the storm.”

Cale said he and his wife spent the night worried their new home would be flooded. 

“I didn’t sleep at all,” Cale told FOX40. “Luckily, it only got about three or four feet away from the house. Some of the neighbors, it got into the house so we were lucky.”

Cale was not alone, his neighbors around the corner were also impacted. 

“I’m like 5-11, and right here this morning at 5:45 I pulled the neighbor out and it was up to my knee,” said Jason Monte.

Monte used his truck to pull several stranded cars stalled from the water. 

“The big problem is there’s so much bark in this neighborhood that is clogging all the storm drains,” he explained.

Neighbors spent much of the day cleaning up the mess. 

“I mean for a lot of people they just called off. I mean, we got to clean up the neighborhood now,” Cale explained.

The neighborhoods surrounding Vinewood Park were also submerged. 

“I have not seen it look like this before,” said Mary Campbell, a spokesperson for the city of Lodi.

The city said they were prepared for the rain, but not a historic rain event like they got.

 “It dropped twice as much water is half the amount of time that we can handle,” Campbell told FOX40.

The city said crews worked throughout Sunday night and are still out Monday working to get the streets clear of floodwater. 

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