LODI, Calif. (KTXL) — On Wednesday, the Lodi Police Department went through a range of active shooter scenarios on school grounds and at a hospital.

“Hopefully we’ll never have to respond to something like this, however, we want to be prepared in the event we do to save as many lives as possible,” Lt. Ricardo Garcia of the Lodi Police Department said.

Training is key in preparing for an active shooter situation, because, no matter when or where first responders will answer the call.

“We train our personnel and our officers to respond to these situations the same regardless of where it’s occurring,” Garcia said.

On Wednesday, the Lodi Police Department held active shooter drills at Millswood Middle School. Officers practiced breaching the door, a training exercise implemented following last month’s shooting in Uvalde, Texas where officers there struggled to unlock the door.

“Our mission is to educate our students for success and in order for that to happen our students and staff need to feel safe on campus and we very much appreciate the collaboration with our local law enforcement,” said Chelsea Vongehr, public information officer of the Lodi Unified School District.

All school sites at Lodi Unified School District receive annual active shooter training in addition to regional trainings like the one that happened at Millswood Middle School on Wednesday.

About a mile away, another active shooter training took place at Adventist Health Lodi Memorial Hospital, which included Lodi firefighters, who would also respond to this scenario, police said.

“All of our firefighters are trained in medical emergencies so their part in this was to go in, identify the victims, treat and then triage them, transport them to either the emergency room or bring them out to the triage tents,” Mary Campbell from the City of Lodi said.

This training hits different for healthcare professionals after a man opened fire at an Oklahoma hospital earlier this month killing four people, including a doctor.

“Just so happens that there’s been a rise in real active shooter incidents across hospitals in the country so we think it’s necessary to plan and partner.”“You just never know where these scenarios will occur and we’re supposed to be the response for the community and so we need to be prepared ourselves,” said Brooke McCollough from Adventist Health Lodi Memorial Hospital.