Lodi Woman Says a Man Stopped and Asked Her for Directions While Fondling Himself

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LODI — Erica Phillips is still on edge after a disturbing encounter with a stranger this week.

She was walking her dogs alone on Oriole Drive in Lodi when a man drives past her.

“And then he actually comes back and stops and asks me for directions to Chase Bank,” Phillips said.

Phillips said she spent the next five minutes or so trying to give the man directions, all the while not knowing what he was doing in the driver’s seat just a few feet away from her.

“He said ‘thank you’ and I walked a little. I thought we were done talking and then he comes back up and then he says ”I’m sorry. I just have to tell you, you’re so beautiful can you just look at me while I finish,’ Phillips remembered.

That’s when she realized the man’s true intentions.

“I noticed his hands moving and that’s when it all clicked,” she said. “And he had this weird smirk on his face and it was really creepy and so I told him to go away. I’m calling the cops.”

The man sped off when she pulled out her phone.

The frightening encounter with the strange man happened around the corner from an elementary school.

Now, she’s hoping people will recognize the car and help the authorities track him down before he does it to someone else.

“If he was able to persuaded me in  [my] late twenties, I can only imagine what he could do to a little boy or a girl or whatever. I was very easily persuaded into believing what he was saying so, it’s frightening,” Phillips said.

Phillips said she not only feels violated, she’s now on edge every time she takes her dogs for a walk.

“The fact that this happened in my neighborhood really bothers me because now I’m walking my dogs every day with pepper spray on my hip and I’m nervous and I’m just nervous to walk around my neighborhood,” Phillips explained.


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