TAHOE NATIONAL FOREST, Calif. (KTXL) California’s wildfire season is often marked by massive fires that cause mass devastation, but on Friday the Tahoe National Forest Service (TNF) flipped the script as they held the Lost Fire at one-tenth of an acre.

The fire was tracked down to the top of Mitchell Mine Road, two miles south of Forks House, by lookouts located on Duncan Peak and Bald Mountain, according to the forest service.

“Utilizing the lookouts’ reports and a fire camera was able to generate the almost exact GPS coordinates by triangulation and radioed them to the responding resources they dispatched,” the forest service said.

Grass Valley Tanker 88 and 514 Tahoe Helitack, coordinated by TNF Air Attack 17, began dropping retardant to slow the spread of the fire while ground crews made their way towards the fire, according to TNF.

TNF Engine crews 341 and 333, TNF Battalion 41 and Patrol 41, along with 2 Cal Fire engines, Placer Crew 3 and Foresthill Water Tender 89 made access and began containing the fire, according to TNF.

Within two hours of the initial call from the lookouts, the fire was fully contained, according to TNF.