Loved ones of Sacramento man killed by deputies want more details from sheriff’s office

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SACRAMENTO, Calif — Family and friends said the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office left too many holes in their account of 24-year-old Kershawn Geiger’s death a week ago.

There is also outrage from family and community activists after the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office released a video of Geiger getting involved with a shooting at the Sun Valley Apartments on 50th Avenue in South Sacramento.

“The negative standpoint of how they displayed this young man from the time before he got shot is manipulating those who would probably see something different,” said Berry Accius from Voice of the Youth.

Geiger was later killed by detectives in the sheriff’s office’s Gang Suppression Unit near Rampart Drive and Ranger Way in Carmichael.

That’s the shooting his parents said they want more details about, but so far, they’ve gotten only an animated recreation video from the sheriff’s office.

“That reenactment said my son’s hands was up. So, you say gun and shoot? Where did that come from?” asked Geiger’s mother, Yaphette Geiger.

“They’re not going to let no armed suspect open up a car door, get out and get off a round. They’re going to put him down right there as he sits, and that’s exactly what they did,” added Kershawn Geiger’s father, Jethro Geiger.

The two deputies involved were in undercover vehicles and had no dashcams.

While the sheriff’s office said body cameras are on their way as of the shooting, the office does not yet have them.

“They have not even interviewed any other eye witnesses,” Accius said.

The official story from the sheriff’s office is deputies said they were approaching Kershawn Geiger and his brother inside a vehicle when a detective saw Kershawn Geiger had a gun. They added Kershawn Geiger fired his weapon first, wounding a deputy.

Those deputies then returned fire, killing Kershawn Geiger. His brother was unharmed and later arrested.

But Kershawn Geiger’s family said others tell a different story.

“There’s multiple witnesses that say they’re lying,” Yaphette Geiger said.

The family is also upset that the sheriff’s office is trying to portray Kershawn Geiger, a father of two who was going to school and working as an electrician, as a gang member.

“Criminal this, criminal that. Put him down, it don’t matter. Wash it away,” Jethro Geiger told FOX40. “No, there’s something called due process and he should have been afforded that opportunity.”

FOX40 did reach out to the sheriff’s office again Friday, which is standing by that video as being accurate. However, they said the investigation is still ongoing.

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