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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Hundreds of people showed their love and support Thursday night for a Land Park woman who was killed in her own home nearly one week ago. 

Mary Tibbits, who went by Kate, was remembered by friends, family and community members during a vigil at Cervantes Park Thursday evening.

Susan Baker was one of the first to arrive at the vigil, along with others who worked with Tibbitts at the Department of Consumer Affairs. 

“When I came into work, I started at 6:30, Kate started at 6, and the music would be rocking. She would have her music turned on and it will be on until 7:30 to 7:45, and you know you had to start being in the real workspace,” Baker said. “She always wanted to get things going and get things moving.”

The tragedy of 61-year-old Kate Tibbitts’ killing shocked and saddened the community, leading to a massive show of support. 

Along with those sharing stories of Tibbitts, there were others who can’t speak. Tibbitts loved dogs and was a long time volunteer at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

She also fostered dogs, such as Lucy. For Kim Haky, Lucy’s owner, it was a gift she can’t express enough gratitude for. 

“I don’t know if Lucy would even be here without Kate,” Haky said. 

The gathering at the park was emotional and cathartic for those involved, which was needed. 

“I am just overfilled with joy that so many people showed up because we all have to stick together and love each other — and especially someone with a big heart like hers,” said Estella Drake. 

At vigils, cheers are seldom heard, but a roar of them was heard Thursday night. 

It was a warm evening with many people huddled together. At one point, a few raindrops fell, cooling people off.

A few of them started to clap and cheer, with one woman gazing into the sky and saying a few words: “Thank you, Kate.”