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A 12-year-old girl’s wish to visit an African safari will come true after Make-A-Wish and their partner organization plan to send her and her family to Africa.

Rylie-Ann Cacay has been battling Crohn’s disease for the past few years. Medications, treatments and hospital visits have become a part of her life.

“It’s hard sometimes,” Rylie-Ann said.

When Make-A-Wish came around to ask Rylie-Ann what she might like, one thing came to mind right away.

“I picked an African safari. Because I just love like giraffes and rhinos, so I wanted to see some of them,” Rylie-Ann said.

Make-A-Wish and NorCal Kenworth went right to work and made it happen.

On Saturday afternoon, they surprised Rylie-Ann with the news she and her family would be going on safari.

“So, she and her family, her brother, her sister and her mom will be picked up in a limo, taken to the airport, flown to Africa, and their gonna spend six nights there,” Michele Sanders, who’s with Make-A-Wish, said.

All of it, according to Sanders, was done with Rylie-Ann’s health and spirit in mind.

“It’s just gonna give her the hope, motivation, anticipation and strength to fight her battle,” Sanders said.

Rylie-Ann will continue her battle with Crohn’s disease, but soon she’ll do it with more hope and one big adventure under her belt.

Aside from the safari, Rylie-Ann, who loves to cook, also wanted to meet Gordon Ramsey. Make-A-Wish got her an appearance on a local cooking show, with a local chef.