Make-A-Wish Turns Pine Grove Girl into a Pop Star

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PINE GROVE — For kids with cancer, the Make-A-Wish Foundation can really make all the difference. Recently, one Pine Grove girl got to live out her dream of becoming a pop star. “My dream was to feel like a pop star for a day and to do a music video,” said 14-year-old Makayla Abbe. The Amador County teen said she plays a lot of instruments and has had many influences, like Katy Perry and Adele. Making the video allowed her to forget about her illness. “My adrenaline was pumping, like this is actually happening,” Makayla said. Her grandmother, Donna Holland, said they knew something was wrong after Makayla broke her arm skateboarding. “So, when it healed we just thought it didn’t heal right, but in turn, it turned out to be a tumor in there,” Holland explained. She has a desmoid tumor and her treatment has not been easy on her health or her life at middle school. “They wouldn’t allow her to go to science camp because she had a cord in her. Then she was getting bullied,” Holland told FOX40. “Just because of my medical problem, like, ‘You can’t do anything, so let’s pick on you,’” Makayla said. “Like multiple people have done that before. I’m just, I’m tired of it.” Making and later seeing the video has given her confidence she didn’t know was there. “I loved it. I started crying,” Makayla said. “They helped me find hope. Like I can have fun times even though I’m having a bad time with my chemo and stuff like that.” Now, Makayla said on top of beating her tumor she’s also focusing on what she wants to do with her future. “I want to be a model and a music star. I want to film music,” she said. “I love writing music. I have a whole notebook full of my songs.” Makayla’s grandmother said the family is moving to Oregon this week and looking to get a fresh start. You can watch Makayla’s music video below.

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