‘Makeshift grill’ led to destructive Suisun City fire, investigators say

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SUISUN CITY, Calif. (KTXL) — Investigators now know what started a large vegetation fire in Suisun City Wednesday that destroyed several homes and buildings. 

The fire chief explained that someone started the fire using a “makeshift grill” in the field behind the Suisun Wildlife Center. 

Officials are still searching for a suspect. 

“It’s devastating,” said Brittiney Coulter-Rosas. “I’ve been crying all day long.” 

Digging through the ash and rubble of what used to be her childhood home, Coulter-Rosas is searching for a glimmer of hope in all the destruction. 

“Try to see what I can salvage for my mom,” Coulter-Rosas told FOX40. “I had to watch it burn down.” 

Her home was one of three that were lost in the fire. Four others were damaged. 

“We were able to identify the exact origin being a makeshift grill with two cinder blocks and a metal grating on top,” said Fire Chief Justin Vincent. 

Vincent said that the suspect will most likely face a charge of reckless arson. 

It’s some relief for Monique Liguori, who wants justice for the buildings destroyed at her wildlife center, the three birds and four squirrels killed in the fire. 

“It’s hard not to just be broken-hearted about the animals and birds that we’ve lost,” said Liguori, who is the executive director for the wildlife center. 

She’s trying to focus on the more than 30 animals they were able to save before the flames overtook the buildings. 

“The fire chief wouldn’t let us back on the property because he didn’t want to risk the human life, you know, and we get that,” said Liguori. 

As the center looks to repair the damage, Coulter-Rosas isn’t sure whether her family will rebuild in the same place. Wednesday was the second time she’s lost a home to a fire. 

“To lose everything and … it’s hard,” said Coulter-Rosas. 

But in the ruins, she found a reason to have faith. She found the pendant her mother gave to her as a gift. 

“It’s her key to know that she’s always my best friend, my mom,” said Coulter-Rosas. 

She was given the pendant as a child, and it’s now a symbol that their bond can’t burn down. 

“We have each other. I have my mom. She made it out safe with her dogs and that was the most important thing,” she said. 

The mayor has started a fundraiser on behalf of the wildlife center. If you would like to donate you can click or tap here


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