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Brad Beaver (Courtesy: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department)

SACRAMENTO — A Folsom man suspected of impersonating a Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy was arrested Wednesday evening at the Sacramento International Airport.

Deputies say 33-year-old Brad Beaver was wearing a complete Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department uniform, complete with a duty belt and handgun. His car, a white Lexus hatchback, was parked in the loading zone of Terminal A.

“If our deputies are driving Lexus’ on normal patrol duties then taxpayers would certainly have questions,” said Public Information Officer Shaun Hampton.

In speaking with deputies, Beaver said he worked at the jail but “provided information inconsistent with Sheriff’s Department knowledge and practices,” investigators said.

“[Investigators] began to ask specific questions that people in our organization would know and this man didn’t answer those questions very thoroughly or accurately,” said Hampton.

Beaver’s car had emergency lights in it but no other markings to indicate it was a law enforcement vehicle, according to a news release from the sheriff’s department.

Beaver has never been employed by the Sac County Sheriff’s department, according to Hampton.

Hampton added that beaver “is currently not employed with any law enforcement organization in California.”

But a former coworker who didn’t want to be identified told FOX40 they worked together as correctional officers in Folsom.

The California department of corrections and rehabilitation couldn’t confirm his employment history but, state database Transparent California shows Beaver as being employed with the CDCR from 2011 to 2017.

The department says Beaver had a gun on him at the airport but said it was a “legal firearm;” a “Glock semiautomatic handgun.”

Deputies said Beaver was at the airport to pick up a friend, and never entered any secure area.

Later, in Beaver’s home, deputies say they found several guns and a “large amount” of ammunition, along with ballistic vests and other accessories typically worn by law enforcement officers.

Beaver is now behind bars for impersonating a peace officer and possessions of illegal firearms. He’s held on $1 Million bail.

“This is something we take very seriously and our investigators are continuing to investigate,” said Hampton.

The concern is if there are victims of Beaver. If you’ve been contacted by Beaver, you are encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Department.

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