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The man arrested in connection to the confrontation that led to last week’s deadly shooting at Sac City College appeared in court Tuesday.

Rico Ridgeway is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon after prosecutors say he stabbed Charlie Hola with a knife in a confrontation between four men that left one dead on campus.

Ridgeway has a previous conviction for assault with a firearm, so by state law a judge wouldn’t be allowed to be lenient.

Ridgeway’s family was emotional after his first court appearance this afternoon.

“It’s sad. It’s sad. He tried to save his cousin, and he’s here,”said Rico Ridgeway’s sister, Bianca Ridgeway.

Roman Gonzales, Ridgeway’s cousin, was killed in the incident on Thursday.

According to some reports, Charlie Hola was both stabbed by Ridgeway and shot by the gunman. He has since been released from the hospital.

Meanwhile, the gunman has evaded arrest and remains free. Although police say they know who they are looking for, they have not released a name.

“For some people, there is a bit of worry that the gunman hasn’t been apprehended yet. And certainly that would make sense,” said Sacramento City College Spokesman Rick Brewer.

Patrols have been beefed-up at City College as classes are in full swing after the Labor Day break.

The message to students from the administration is clear: This killing was an isolated incident, and they are determined to keep it that way, while keeping to their mission of offering opportunities, even to people like Ridgeway, who have criminal past.

“We see ourselves as a second chance place. Any person who wants to come to a community college to better heir lives through education… we have an open door policy,” Brewer said.