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Warning: There are graphic images in the video below.

FOLSOM, Calif. (KTXL) — A man who was on a run in Folsom said he won’t ever forget the bizarre and scary encounter he had with two attackers — at least the parts he remembers. 

On Sunday afternoon, Stuart Johnson said he was running on the Willow Creek Trail when a couple on bicycles approached in the wrong lane. 

He stepped aside for the woman but said he was elbowed by the passing man. 

“I was like, ‘Dude, you need to back up. Get away from me,’ kind of thing,” Johnson told FOX40. 

Shortly after that, he said the woman tried throwing large rocks at him before he eventually fell and hit his head while escaping. 

“And I remember slipping and going down and then that’s kind of the last thing I remember apart from waking up with the police and ambulance there,” Johnson said. 

According to Johnson, he is not quite sure whether his broken jaw and other injuries happened by falling or from the beating he took while out cold. 

“There was a passing car that came past and they reported that they saw somebody that was kicking me and stomping on me when I was on the ground,” Johnson said. 

Ashley Cowgill, Johnson’s wife, was already wondering why her husband’s run was taking so long when she got a phone call from police. 

“It’s like your worst nightmare. I mean, I think it’s any wife, mother, father, son, any family member that gets that kind of a call you just know it’s never good,” Cowgill said. 

Johnson said from what he does remember, the couple were white and in their 40s. The woman was described as having blond hair, and both were very tan and on beach cruiser bikes. 

“It’s just one of those things and it probably could have happened anywhere,” Johnson said. 

Johnson is now on a six-week liquid diet while he recovers.

But until suspects are caught, the answers to why the attack happened aren’t as guaranteed. 

“Can’t even wrap my mind around how someone could do something like this,” Cowgill said. 

FOX40 checked with Folsom police who confirmed that they are investigating. They said while they look for the suspects, they recommend people in Folsom check out their Facebook page where there are tips on how to use city trails while staying safe. 

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